About ReedJuvinate

About ReedJuvinate

For thrifty musicians who need consistent, long lasting reeds, ReedJuvinate™ is the best solution.

ReedJuvinate™ is a unique woodwind reed preservation system that prolongs the life of your saxophone and clarinet reeds, eliminates microbial contamination of your reed, and maintains the perfect moisture level so your reeds are instantly ready to play beautifully. The reeds are at the perfect moisture level and kept sterile by a humidifying them with evaporated Listerine.

ReedJuvinate™ saves you money. Your one time purchase quickly pays for itself by reducing reed costs.

ReedJuvinate™ is convenient. Your life as a reed player is easier when you have three sterile reeds, always within easy reach with the convenient magnetic holder, and immediately ready to play.

All  reed sizes fit ReedJuvinate™ (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone saxophone; Bb, A soprano, Eb alto, and bass clarinet).

How to use ReedJuvinate

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