About DoubleReedJuvinate

DougleReedJuvinate™ makes your precious oboe, bassoon, English horn, and bagpipe chanter reeds  last longer, play immediately, and play consistently.

“I’ve been using DoubleReedJuvinate for about four months. What a pleasure to find that now I’m often able to play two subscription weeks instead of just one with the same reeds! My reeds remain stable and predictable for longer than ever before. I figure DoubleReedJuvinate is saving me around five hours of work at the reed desk every week — it’s like getting a pay raise. Many thanks to John Mackey for his useful innovation.”  Truman Harris, Assistant Principal Bassoon, National Symphony Orchestra, Washington, DC

“DoubleReedJuvinate works very well, and I like it! My reeds are fine and they are always ready to play. It is a good idea that turned into a great product and it’s very useful for oboe musicians.” Marek Swatowski, principal oboe, Philharmonic Orchestra Bydgoszcz, Poland

“I just LOVE the DoubleReedJuvinate! I bought 2 of them so I could keep plenty of oboe and English horn reeds ready to play. The DoubleReedJuvinate keeps my reeds playing so much longer, that I don’t have to make reeds as often. It’s late February & the reed I played in our November concert is still my favorite reed. And I made that one in early October & used it all through a VERY busy Christmas (gig-mas) season. The reeds are more consistent – don’t dry out so badly. It is easier & quicker to have one ready to play.” Barbara Bagley Shanks, Principal Oboist, Montgomery Symphony Orchestra, Montgomery, AL, USA

“I’ve been using the DoubleReedJuvinate for six months, and I’m thrilled at the way my oboe reeds are behaving – they are consistent, instantly playable, and make my valuable reeds last longer than I ever would have believed possible! Thanks for making the life of an oboe player so much simpler.” Ken Klukas, Oboist, Alberta, Canada

“I’ve used the DoubleReedJuvinate for my bassoon reeds for about two months now. I’m very satisfied about this useful and simple innovation. Thank you!”  Uwe-Jens Kleis, Ilsede, Germany

“My friend plays second oboe/English horn & had been having SERIOUS English horn reef issues. I told her at a rehearsal last Monday – I haven’t needed EH reeds in almost a year … but I have some at home in a ReedJuvinate container like this one. I’ll bring them Friday to see if they are still good. Well, she was astonished the year old reeds were still FANTASTIC! She said after playing those “minty flavored, fabulous, year old reeds” … she just HAS to start using one of these things.” Barbara Bagley Shanks, Principal Oboist, Montgomery Symphony Orchestra, Montgomery, AL, USA

“I’m a returning customer, wanting to buy a second Double ReedJuvinate.  I love your product!  It works brilliantly for me.”  Tim Hughes, Bassoonist, Suffock United Kingdom

What is DoubleReedjuvinate™ ?

DoubleReedjuvinate is a double reed storage and conditioning system for your oboe, bassoon, English horn, or bagpipe chanter reeds, allowing them to play for much longer. The reeds are  humidified and protected from the destructive effects of bacteria, mold and salivary enzymes. It is a waterproof case with AnyReedBrush holder that allows you to store three of your favorite reeds. The AnyReedBrush insert can hold oboe, bassoon, English horn, or bagpipe chanter reeds. The unit has a lanyard and a stand / chair leg magnet to keep it handy. The humidification system uses a sponge.

How do I use my DoubleReedJuvinate™?

Follow the package directions to soak the humidifying sponge in original formula (yellow) Listerine, which evaporates to preserve your reeds from bacteria, mold, and salivary enzymes but prevents direct contact with the liquid. Put your reeds over the AnyReedBrushes, screw on the waterproof cap, and put it in your instrument case. Your reeds will be stabilized and ready to go within 24 hours.

Why can’t I buy DoubleReedJuvinate™ at my local store?

We sell this new product online at www.reedjuvinate.com and ship everywhere in the world by Canada Post. In future, we hope to have a distributor near you. Ask your favourite music stores!

What can I expect from reeds stored in DoubleReedJuvinate™?

Your reeds will be immediately playable. Your reeds will no longer warp or crack or mould. Your reeds will be playable for far longer. Your favorite reeds will last so long that you will be very familiar with how each performs. You will spend much less time making your new reeds.

Will DoubleReedJuvinate™ save me money?

Yes. By dramatically reducing your need for new reeds, it pays for itself in just a few weeks. Each unit costs only $25 USD plus shipping.

How big is the DoubleReedJuvinate™?

The ReedJuvinate is only 11 cm by 3.5 cm (4 inches by 1 ½ inches), and small enough to fit in your instrument case.

What is the AnyReedBrush™?

The AnyReedBrush is a unique patented double reed holder system that holds three double reeds. The brush holds the reeds physically separated from the humidifying system. Each reed is numbered in relation to a colourful bump if you are working in poor lighting.

Where is DoubleReedJuvinate™ made?

We design and make DoubleReedJuvinate in Edmonton, Canada.

Why do my double reeds die so soon?

The tone and performance of woodwind reeds depends on the integrity of the cane fibres. Our laboratory experiments show these fibres break down with the i) wet-dry cycle as reeds dry out and are moistened to use, ii) the action of bacteria and molds on the fibres, and iii) the action of enzymes in human saliva. Reeds perform best when uniformly humidified. By storing your reeds in a humidifying system that keeps your reeds stabilized but free of bacteria and mould, reeds perform much longer.

How do I adjust my reed humidity?

You can fine tune your reed humidity with DoubleReedJuvinate. To reduce reed humidity, squeeze the sponge to remove excess Listerine. To increase reed humidity, saturate the sponge with Listerine.