Magnet Update

Dear ReedJuvinaters:

We know you love your ReedJuvinate magnet to keep your ReedJuvinate close at hand on the music stand or chair leg.

We build ReedJuvinate with a waterproof and chemical proof coat on the magnet. We just learned we have a batch of ReedJuvinate clarinet and saxophone magnets that rust because of a small hole in the waterproof coat.

We have new magnets from a new company with a new, improved waterproof coat.

If your saxophone or clarinet ReedJuvinate magnet has rust, or even if you just want to swap your old magnet for our new magnet, give us your mailing information in this form and we will happily send you a replacement magnet free of charge. Just pull out your old magnet and slide the new one in and you are good to go!

We apologize for the hassle and appreciate your patience and continued support.