ReedJuvinate Reeds Are Immediately Playable

For thrifty musicians who need consistent, immediately ready to play reeds, ReedJuvinate™ is the best solution.

We were taught to store reeds dry, but our reeds cracked, warped, and died young. We weren’t happy with the storage systems in the stores, so we found a better way.

ReedJuvinate™ lets you fine tune your reed moisture level so it is ready to play instantly, exactly they way you like it.

Your reeds need water

There are good reasons to stabilize and store your reeds using ReedJuvinate™:

  • The whole reed vamp vibrates, not just the tip. Using ReedJuvinate™, the entire reed is hydrated thoroughly and evenly.
  • The true nature of a reed is only evident when hydrated.
  • Reeds stored hydrated do not warp or split at the tip, are always flat and ready to play.
  • A hydrated reed seals to the mouthpiece. This gives improved response and articulation.

Using the Reedjuvinate™ humidity system

Stabilizing and storing your reeds using the ReedJuvinate™ humidity system keeps your reeds stored in evaporated ethanol and  water vapour coming from a humidifying sponge. This kills bacteria and mould, and your reeds are always humidity stabilized but never too wet. You can fine-tune your reed humidity by choosing whether or not to pre-soak your reeds before storing, and by squeezing out extra Listerine from the sponge.

Set-up is as easy