ReedJuvinate FAQs

We launched ReedJuvinate in late 2013 and have sold thousands of units around the world. Here are some of the most common questions we get.

What is the Reedjuvinate System?

Reedjuvinate™ is a woodwind reed storage and conditioning system that preserves your saxophone and clarinet reeds, allowing them to play for far longer. The reeds are stored humidified, but are free from the destructive effects of bacteria, mold and salivary enzymes.

What do I get when I order a ReedJuvinate System?

You receive the Reedjuvinate conditioning system. It includes a waterproof case with AnyReedClip insert that allows you to store three of your favorite reeds. The AnyReedClip insert can hold three reeds of any size: soprano saxophone, Bb clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, and baritone saxophone. The unit has a lanyard and a stand / chair leg plastic coated magnet to keep it handy. If you are using smaller reeds (clarinet or soprano sax) you can store an additional two reeds using the two ClarinetClips.

How do I use my ReedJuvinate?

Follow the directions on the box to soak the humidifying sponge in original formula Listerine to preserve your reeds from bacteria, mold, and salivary enzymes but prevents direct contact with the liquid. Put your reeds in the AnyReedClip, screw on the waterproof cap, and put it in your instrument case.

What if I can't find original formula Listerine?

Original formula Listerine hás a high ethanol content - this is the most important way that it works. If this is no longer available in your area, and you don't wish to buy from Ebay or Amazon US, then use unflavoured vodka (40% ethanol) to soak the sponge. Our testing shows it works just as well as Listerine.


How do I break in new reeds with my ReedJuvinate?

Our advice is simply to store the reed in the ReedJuvinate for 24 hours before playing. The reeds will be humidity stabilized and will play consistently.

What can I expect from reeds stored in ReedJuvinate?

For the first time, you will have complete confidence in your reeds. Your reeds will be immediately playable. Your reeds will not warp or crack or mould. Your reeds will play much longer. Your favorite reeds will last so long that you will be very familiar with how each performs.

Will ReedJuvinate™ save me money?

Yes. By dramatically reducing your need for new reeds, it pays for itself in just a few weeks. It is a one time purchase of $26.99 plus shipping.

What are ClarinetClips?

ClarinetClips are two plastic panels that allow you to store an additional two soprano clarinet reeds in your ReedJuvinate (for a total of five clarinet reeds). They are now included in every ReedJuvinate system.

How big is the ReedJuvinate?

The Reedjuvinate is 11 cm by 3.5 cm (4 inches by 1 ½ inches), and small enough to fit in your instrument case.

What is the AnyReedClip?

The AnyReedClip™ is a unique patented reed holder system that holds three reeds of any size: soprano saxophone, Bb clarinet, alto saxophone, alto clarinet, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, and baritone saxophone. The clip holds the reeds physically separated from the humidifying system. With three different colours on each of the three sides of the clip (red, white, and blue), you will instantly find your favorite reed (and two backups) ready to go. The colours allow you to keep your reeds organized even in poor lighting.

Where is ReedJuvinate™ made?

We designed and assemble ReedJuvinate™ in Edmonton, Canada.

Why do my reeds die so soon?

The tone and performance of woodwind reeds depends on the integrity of the cane fibres. Our laboratory experiments show these fibres break down with the i) wet-dry cycle as reeds dry out and are moistened to use, ii) the action of bacteria and molds on the fibres, and iii) the action of enzymes in human saliva. Reeds perform best when uniformly humidified. By storing your reeds in a humidifying system that keeps your reeds stabilized but free of bacteria and mold, reeds perform much longer.

Why do reeds warp?

Because reed cane is a natural product, the thickness and composition of the wood varies across its surface. Even if you put your reed in a standard reed guard to try to keep it flat, when it dries and rehydrates its shape will be unpredictable and varies with hydration status.

What will ReedJuvinate do for my students?

You can start your class and lessons on time – your woodwind players will be ready to go! Many students use their reeds long after they have degraded. By using ReedJuvinate™, their reeds will still be working and their sound will be more consistent. Your students may never need to “borrow” another reed from you and your reed spending will drop. And you won’t have to deal with disgusting brown mouldy student reeds ever again.