How it works

Reeds degrade from microbial digestion and repeated dry-wet-dry cycles. ReedJuvinate sterilizes and stabilizes reeds.

ReedJuvinate maintains the perfect reed humidity

The ReedJuvinate™ system lets you fine tune the water level of your reeds, avoiding the dry – wet – dry cycle that breaks reeds down. A ReedJuvinate™ reed is a stable reed that is immediately ready to play well for you.

ReedJuvinate stops bacteria and fungi growing on your reeds

Bacteria and fungi break down your reeds, and are unhealthy.

We performed microbiology experiments on two tenor sax reeds each played 30 minutes daily for five consecutive days. The first reed was maintained in our system, the second was stored in a traditional dry holder. We then cultured the reeds for 48 hours on soft agar plates. The ReedJuvinate™ reed was sterile. The traditional dry holder reed was heavily contaminated by bacteria and fungi.


Reed stored in ReedJuvinate is sterile


Reed stored in standard holder is colonized with bacteria and mould

Ethanol Fixation Stops Reed Breakdown

Ethyl alcohol stops the proteins that make up a cane reed from breaking down and dissolving. It also kills microbes and stops their digestive enzymes from eating your reed.

Stable Humidity + Reed Sterility + Ethanol Fixation = Reed Longevity

Keeping reeds at the perfect humidity under sterile conditions and exposed to alcohol greatly prolongs the life and performance of a reed.

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