Musicians love it!

Some ReedJuvinate customer reviews:



Gordon Goodwin, Eric Marienthal, and the Big Phat Band use ReedJuvinate!


Mathew Smith of fame is another happy ReedJuvinate user! Check out his review 

Mathew Smith (Hull University, UK)

"The ReedJuvinate Reed Preservation System is super amazing! I ordered one for my soprano sax and after one week of having instantly playable reeds I ordered two more for my alto and tenor."

VaShaun Jones (Ellenwood, GA)


 Calvin Hunter

"Here I am at my latest performance.  FANTASTIC!  They are great and have really made a difference to the consistency and general playability of my reeds. I've played a few gigs with them now, had them out and about in horn cases and all is 100%.
AWESOME!  I'm very happy!"

Calvin Hunter – (Queensland, Australia)




"I’ve been using the ReedJuvinate reed holders for about 6 months now and I now absolutely swear by them. It’s very cool to get a good cane reed out of the container and immediately start playing on it without any warm-up, not to mention having the reeds last a whole lot longer."

Mademma – (New York) from Sax on the Web


"I find the ReedJuvinate indispensible, especially this time of year. WINTER! So dry in Alberta it hurts."

PJ Perry, Edmonton, Juno Award winning jazz saxophonist and recipient of the Order Of Canada


"Wanna hear a great testimony from a fan and owner of two of your ReedJuvinates? I fell and broke the wrist on my dominant hand. I had to have two pins put in the distal radius and I wore a cast for six weeks. I only just this past week returned to playing my clarinet. I opened up my ReedJuvinate for the first time and pulled out a reed, expecting it to be a pickled joke. I was PLEASANTLY surprised that all of my reeds played very well and suffered no adverse effects from being stored for more than 1.5 months without being touched! The magnet on the inside is brilliant and I’m enjoying them very much!"

Carol Jensen, Clarinetist, Johnson City, TN

"Just wanted to let you know that I like the ReedJuvinate system so much that I just ordered 2 more! Thanks for a great product."

Elliot Stern, Professional Saxophonist 
(Freehold, NJ)

"These are an excellent product. I have two of them and my reeds last a long time (many months) when I use them."

Heath Watts, Saxophonist and Leo Recording Artist 
(Philadelphia, PA)

"I’ve been using the ReedJuvinate for a couple of months now and I love it. Playing 3 long gigs and practicing 10-15 hours a week, I was going through at least a box of 10 reeds every month. After using ReedJuvinate for two months, I have now just started on my second reed. Incredible. I just wish that I hadn’t spent 30 years playing the horn and suffering constant “reed anxiety” before encountering this indispensable system. I used to envy the trumpet player who could just slap on a mouthpiece and play. With ReedJuvinate, now I can do the same! Thank you!"

Mark De La Fleur, Saxophonist
(Bankok, Thailand)


A few months ago, I saw this interesting product that claimed to make your reeds last longer. Well, since I already had my own solution (a waterproof container partially-filled with Listerine to store my reeds) that I felt worked, I didn’t think twice about Reedjuvinate.
However, when I had to travel with my tenor sax, I realized I would encounter a problem with the TSA agents if I brought my container. I decided to buy Reedjuvinate and test it out to see if it kept my reeds in the preferable constant state of being wet and if it was more accessible to use.
Not only did Reedjuvinate meet my expectations, it exceeded them! No problems on the plane, and my reeds were instantly playable, just like my own solution. In fact, it was even better because it was a lot less messy and I didn’t have to change out the Listerine as much.
I am really glad I bought Reedjuvinate, and you will be too!

Donna Schwartz, Saxophonist and Music Instructor


I have been using the Reedjuvinate for about 2-years…got one when they were first available. I have been a sax player for 54 years (professional) and this is, without any doubts, the finest and most effective way to store sax/clarinet reeds that I’ve found. I have tried almost all the other storage solutions, but they all pale in comparison to the Reedjuvinate. For example…I play bass clarinet with a local community concert band and was away from our home for about 9-weeks and when I returned and began to practice…all my bass clarinet reeds stored in the Reedjuvinate were “fresh”, moist, and totally ready to play. The Reedjuvinate is a system that uses the “original” Listerine to keep the reed humidfied (not soaking wet) and prevents any mold/mildew growth while being stored. The system is absolutely airtight, so there is never any leakage.

Also…a HUGELY IMPORTANT aspect of using this system, is that all my reeds last much longer. I typically get 3-6 months of “GOOD” performance from a reed stored in the Reedjuvinate!!! Also, because of the stability of storage in this controlled environment the reeds do not go through the “wet to dried out” process that is typical of all other methods…which prevents/diminishes the warping that is typical for reeds stored in any other way. After I prepare a reed (first..use my ReedGeek tool to ensure the flat side of the reed is perfectly flat and make minor adjustments to the heart/sides of the reed to balance the reed…then I soak in hot water for 10-minutes…then recheck/adjust the reed using the ReedGeek tool) I play it to determine if it is a reed that fits what I need (timbre, response) and then store it in my Reedjuvinate until needed. An unplayed reed…not the one I need right now…will last for many months (probably more than a year) in the Reedjuvinate and will be totally ready to play when I need it.

The Reedjuvinate is one of the most important pieces of equipment for reed players…nothing in the marketplace is its equal. HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU BUY AND USE IT!!!

Tom Leonard, Tenor Saxophonist
(Beverly Hills, FL)


My favorite setup!

Johan van der Linden, Professional Saxophonist ( Netherlands )



“The Elmhurst College Jazz Band saxophone section exclusively uses the ReedJuvinate. It has changed our lives!” – posted on the ReedJuvinate Facebook page, July 1, 2014.

Shelley Bishop, Elmhurst College (Illinois, USA)


Fantastic product both in keeping your reeds in top condition and sanitized between uses! A very important plus in today’s world.

Edward Furci, Facebook post

What were my results with the ReedJuvinate system? Well usually, I go through a reed in about 3-4 days of practicing. Sometimes less, sometimes more but on average about 3-4 days I would say. With the ReedJuvinate System I used the same reed for about 3 weeks before I moved up to Vermont last month. I think that was a record for me. That original reed is still in the case and I took it out this morning and it played just as well as it did a month ago. I am sold on this system!…The ReedJuvinate Woodwind Reed System is a simple yet great idea. (click on link for full review)

Steve Neff, Professional Saxophonist and Music Educator, Founder of
(Vermont, USA)


I have been ill and unable to play my clarinets and bass clarinet for nearly a year. I got the instruments out for the first time yesterday. The reeds, which had been in my reedjuvinates for nearly year, were still nice and moist and played beautifully first time!! Amazing piece of equipment – essential for all woodwind players. Thank you.

John Wingfield, UK


I wanted to write and thank you for a great product. I bought my first one two years ago,  and bought another three units (now shipping with the stand magnet – very handy!) for my clarinet and other saxes and my reeds have gone from lasting about 3-5 days to about 12 weeks or so. And it is great having my reeds instantly ready to play.  Best thing since sliced bread, and it leaves some bread in my wallet.

Instrumentalist, Sax On The Web


I have no affiliation with John Mackey or Reedjuvinate, but its been a game changer for me as far as storing my reeds, extending the life of my good reeds and keeping them ready to play. This is a must have accessory in my opinion.
Don Torrillo, Facebook comment


In my opinion the ReedJuvinate is the best reed storage I’ve encountered so far. The idea of keeping the reeds humid with an antibacterial solution makes sense. Furthermore, the ReedJuvinate’s design is very practical and its pricing is more than fair. In addition I like the light minty flavor of the reeds because of the solution.

Tobias Leon Haecker, Professional saxophonist and Founder of Saxophonistisches, the Saxblog – the leading German saxophone website
(Bremen, Germany)



My initial reaction to ReedJuvenate is joy, bliss. I purposefully disguised a brand new reed that I liked a lot and had chosen just this morning with 2 reeds, unmarked, that had been good but were beginning to pass their prime. After an hour in the cases, I honestly could not tell which reed was which. From sight or playing. Same for tenor except that I’d marked a couple of them prior…

Tony Gairo, Professional Saxophonist
(Philadelphia/Lehigh Valley, PA)


I just wanted to let you know that the ReedJuvinate system is great! It came at a good time, because I had been struggling to either find something that I didn’t have to modify or settle for something that I know wouldn’t work well. My reed tips would look like a piece of bacon sometimes with other reed holders. This is so simple, very cost effective, MY REEDS ARE FLAT and play great without having to wet them. I’m glad I did enough research online to see your system. I wish I had found it long ago. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the ReedJuvinate reed holder.

Tim Heitman, Saxophonist
(Lexington, NC)


I’ll admit that I was a skeptic, even after getting this and following the instructions.  I thought it would leak … nope, didn’t leak. I figured that the reeds wouldn’t be ready to play right out of the ReedJuvinate … nope, slap it on and it’s ready to blow! This is the best product I’ve tried by far. Can’t be a bigger fan.  Won’t go on stage without my ReedJuvinate!

Thomas Rowe, Tenor Saxophonoist
(Jacksonville, FL)


Hey, the Reedjuvinate box is really cool. Reeds are ready to play always. Thanks for the great idea!

Manvydas Pratkelis, Saxophonist
(The Hague, Netherlands)


Thanks a lot and best wishes to Canada. I love your reedjuvinate system! I can’t remember when I last bought new reeds 

Martin Häusler, Clarinetist and Saxophonist, Germany


ReedJuvinate was a godsend at band practice last night. So nice to have a selection of ready to play reeds within arms length. Swapping reeds between tunes was never so easy.

Thanks for a great product!!!

Saxnoob, Sax On The Web


I love this thing. I use the original Listerine. I take the reeds out every 4-5 days rinse everything and put it all back. I wet the sponge with a small amount of Listerine and it’s perfect. Three reeds last a month anyways playing everyday.
I had homemade models but the design of this is very well thought out. It takes all the BS out of finding a good reed to play. I screen my reeds and put the best ones in the container.

Mike Cesati, Saxophonist


Very simple, but intelligent product, and fulfills a definite need. What a great idea!

I should mention that not only have I been playing a long time but I’m also a “science guy” working as an engineer. So I can appreciate a good design. What you have here is so simple, but does the job. Yeah, there are a hundred ways to handle reeds, and many of them are wrong and lead to the deterioration of the cane structure or infectious crud. And yeah, there are lots of ways to preserve and sanitize reeds, but you’ve got a convenient, inexpensive solution that works. Period. I don’t need to fiddle with it. I don’t have to worry about liquid leaking in my case. Re-soak the sponge every few weeks and you’re done.

I’m already liking the idea of reeds having just the right amount of moisture when I take them out, and they’re clean.

This is definitely a “why didn’t I think of this?” idea, and I congratulate you.

Steve Scheinberg, Freelance Saxophonist
(Baltimore, Maryland)


I absolutely LOVE my Reedjuvinate! Have had it for just about two weeks now and it’s already saved me! So far, this is the BEST and most sanitary way to keep you’re reeds perfectly hydrated and ready to play! Bravo, Reedjuvinate!

Jaared Arosemena, Saxophonist


I love the ReedJuvinate! My clarinet reeds have never been so reliable – three reeds is all I need now. Thanks for making my life so much simpler.

Carole Chamber, Clarinetist
(New York City, New York)


Love this product! Especially living in the Sonoran desert it helps a lot!!!

Shawn Behanna, Saxophonist


I was constantly cracking my reeds & since using this product my reeds have lasted 20 times as long! Also, I can be ready to play without having to “wet” the reeds…

Ron Slomin, Saxophonist and Conductor, NYC Auxiliary Police Band & Long Island’s Buddha Big Band
(Long Island, New York)


My reeds are ready to play and have outlasted any reeds I’ve stored in other devices (such as reedmate, vandoren, lavoz, and pro tec)

Shawn Brehanna, Working Professional Saxophonist
(Gilbert, Arizona)


Really like this reed holder!  Like the ad says reeds are lasting longer and play very consistent.

Peter Neumer, Professional Saxophonist
(Waukesha, WI)


I’m very happy with the product and I have the best longlasting reeds ever!

OvePetter Gansmo, Alto Saxophonist
(Daltrøa, Norway)


Really like my Reedjuvinate ! When the entire reed has the same moisture through out it plays better and last a lot longer. I use ZZ 3 reeds on my bari sax mouthpiece and love it!

Bill Dickinson, Saxophonist, Just Joyfullsounds Musical Instrument Repair
(Altus, Oklahoma)


I received mine two weeks ago, it’s been indispensable. Recommended them to friends.

Donna Marie O’Mahoney, Saxophonist
(Canterbury, UK)


Got my ReedJuvinate a few months ago. Great product! Along with my ReedGeek I’m getting so much more life out of my reeds.  And, no, I don’t work for either one of these companies!!!

Lance McCollum, Tenor Saxophonoist, ACC Jazz Ensemble
(Austin, TX)


I can recommend it to everyone …. it is super!

Erwin Van der Elst, Saxophonist
(Antwerp, Belgium)


I received the ReedJuvinate kit last week. Time will tell if it helps the reeds last longer. It does improve how well my reeds play by being well hydrated. I am very pleased thus far and feel it was worth the investment. If you are a doubler I would suggest getting one for each instrument. I’ve done both the Rico and Vandoren cases in the past and feel the ReedJuvinate system is an improvement over those.
Been using for 3 months … reed still in great shape. I’m a believer now, reeds that are constantly well hydrated play much better for me!

Mark Rybiski, Professional tenor saxophonist 
(Gulfport, Mississippi)


Just want to thank you for a great product! I now have 5 of your systems – I play all the saxes (primarily my brand new Selmer Series III Jubilee Bari Sax) and clarinets.

Ed Jones, retired band director, instrumentalist, and arranger.
(Lake Montezuma, Arizona)


Very many thanks and keep up the good work. Your reed system is amazing – the best I have ever had!

John Wingfield, Clarinettist, Bass Clarinettist and Saxophonist.
(Bournemouth, UK)


Got it. Used it. Perfect! … just what I need.

Dean Miles, Clarinetist and Saxophonist
(London, UK)


I now have three ReedJuvinates (one for alto, tenor, bari saxes) and have been using them for a month now and my reeds have NEVER performed so well for so long! Everytime I take my reed out of the ReedJuvinate and play it…it’s just like the last time I played. The feel/sound/performance of the reeds is much better than I’ve experienced prior to using this reed case!!!!

Tom Leonard, Tenor Saxophonist
(Beverly Hills, FL)


I’ve been using ReedJuvinate for the last few months with great success. Thank you!

Ralph Lalama, Professional tenor saxophonist and three time Grammy winner
(New York, NY)


I case you might be interested in why ReedJuvinate works for me (since I’ve heard no one else mention it), here it is.

I play in two 17 piece swing bands. We do about 50 gigs a year in a small coastal county in FL, population about 250 thousand. I noticed that most any reed I played, played better after the first hour. I finally decided that it was because the reed was almost saturated after and hour, so I started soaking reeds in water for an hour or more before I played them.

I also noticed that leaving the reeds in water much longer than an hour, seemed to have no more effect that an hour’s soaking. Oh and letting the reeds dry between playing certainly didn’t help. I had never questioned that because, “Everybody does it that way.”

The reeds got mouldy but played well. Not only did ReedJuvinate solve the mould problem, it keeps the reeds ready for use instantly and they don’t warp. It seems, too, that the three reeds together seem to become more consistent with each other, and so far it is a positive change. Maybe it is a common denominator affect, but seems all positive to me so far.

At first, I thought what is the magnet for? Now I use the magnet all the time.

And thanks again for the help!

Robert Croom, Lead alto, “The Dreamers Big Swing Band”
(Stuart, FL)


Figured I’d chime back in since I started the thread. So far it’s working really well for me… I’ve always liked keeping my reeds damp to keep them stable and ready to play but didn’t care for keeping them soaking all the time because it felt like they got too waterlogged and soggy/stuffy. The Listerine (or vodka if you prefer) keeps the mold away and I’ve found the 6 reeds I’ve got in the two Reedjuvinates have stayed really consistent. Obviously some are better than others like any batch of reeds but it least so far I know what to expect with each reed each time I pull it out to play. All of this could change tomorrow of course but for now I’m sold. Give it a try.

LB, Sax On The Web


I love your invention and the way it works. I am so impressed, I now have three of them!

Jean-Francois Picard, Professional saxophonist and musician
(Edmonton, Canada)


ReedJuvinate has allowed me to return to using reeds-stored-wet without the worry of them starting to rot or mould. I have rediscovered the joy of having my reeds ready to play at a moments notice, warp-free, and fully-wet: definitely the way to go for consistency of tone and playability. Thanks for bringing ReedJuvinate to the saxophone community!

Evan Sampson
(Edmonton, Canada)


Ok, preliminary results with the Reedjuvinate are VERY positive!

I soaked the sponge with Listerine, squeezed out the excess so the sponge is damp, but not totally saturated. Then I put a new reed that plays great (not good, but great) into one of the slots. I put two other fairly good reeds in also. After 4 days, the great reed still plays great and is not at all waterlogged. The other two reeds also perform well. So I suspect that my vodka jar sponge was just way too saturated.

Regarding vodka vs Listerine, I much prefer the Listerine. I enjoy the Ketel One vodka in a martini, but for some reason don’t like the taste it imparts to reeds. The Listerine gives the reeds a ‘fresh’ taste; not bad at all. It’s also much less expensive than good vodka.

I really like the convenience factor with this Reedjuvinate. It’s compact, fits in my sax case, sticks w/magnet to the sax stand, and is just easy to use. Even at home when practicing, it’s nice to just pull a reed out all ready to go. I think I’m a believer.

This item is a true bargain! I haven’t finished my ‘experiment’ yet but the reed I’ve had stored in the Reedjuvinate has already outlasted any reed I’ve used in the past and is still going strong. I’ll report back after the next 3 gigs coming up this weekend.

If you want to SAVE money (on reeds), get this thing.

JL, Sax On The Web


I like how it’s working for me! Thanks for sharing it.

Dr. Allison Balcetis, D.Mus, University of Alberta
(Edmonton, Canada)


Just an amateur here, but I play most days, and I’ve been using the Reedjuvinator (if you don’t know what it is, look it up here or on Google) for over a year now. I’m thoroughly happy with it. Best thing I’ve used for storing and transporting my working reeds, and I’ve tried several. Easy and convenient, reeds last a long time, always play-ready and never any unpleasant “growths.” The Reedjuvinator is watertight and either completely or nearly airtight.

AltoRuth, Sax On The Web


I have been using this product for a couple of months and I really like it. I have been storing my bari reeds in it. They are always straight and not warped, and minty fresh. I have found that I am getting a much longer life out of my reeds so far. I’m waiting with baited breath until the double reed model comes out! My oboe and bassoon reeds will be much happier.

Lyndsey Allison Cohen
(Edmonton, Canada)!