How to use ReedJuvinate

To use ReedJuvinate, soak the sponge with Listerine Original (the yellow stuff). Pour out the extra fluid. Insert 3 reeds of any size into the ReedJuvinate, tip down, flat side in, leaving 1/2 inch above to grab. Cap and wait 24 hours for the reeds to stabilize. Keep your reeds sealed in the case when not playing. Every month, remove your reeds, re-soak your sponge with fresh Listerine, and re-insert your reeds.  

If you play soprano sax or clarinet, the white inserts let you store two more reeds. Remove those inserts if you play alto sax, tenor sax or baritone sax.

The ReedJuvinate magnet, now in a plastic bag inside the case, grabs your music stand or chair so its always in reach.