Teachers love them!

For thrifty teachers whose students need clean, consistent, instantly playable reeds, ReedJuvinate is the only solution.

ReedJuvinate may improve the health of your students

Medical studies show woodwind players have higher rates of sinusitis, respiratory tract infections, and respiratory symptoms. These studies show that many infectious organisms, including bacteria and viruses, can live on reeds for days after playing. Respiratory infections run rampant through many bands and orchestras. Sterilizing reeds between uses may reduce the spread of infection. Additionally, reeds colonized by moulds can trigger allergic lung reactions in the woodwind player and those around him or her (see our Science page for details and references).

ReedJuvinate saves precious class and practice time

Reed players waste valuable time at the start of each session getting their reeds wet enough to play, and the reeds don’t perform well until some time into the class. When your students have ReedJuvinate™, they always have three stabilized reeds ready to play instantly.

ReedJuvinate is cost effective for teachers

Reeds are expensive. Many music instructors supply reeds to their students, either routinely, or when a student’s last reed dies. Having longer lasting reeds reduces your costs.

Reed sharing options

When supplying a reed to a student without one, it is convenient and safe to sterilize your reeds between uses by storing them in ReedJuvinate™.